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Senior Event Contribution 2024-25


This year’s Senior Class parent representatives for the coming school year are: Stephanie Luciano Novo, Jessica Bacosa, Nicole Netzah, Christy Salcido, and Tina Wynn.


Our role is to enhance this classes’ final year at Viewpoint School with special experiences, gifts, and events, exclusive to 12th graders. This is only made possible by your generous donations, which fund these activities, and ensures that each individual Senior in the Class of 2025 is celebrated and cared for. 


We’re asking for each family to contribute a minimum of $325 and we’re aspiring to reach 100% participation. In your children’s last year of high school, there are 172 school days which equates to less than $2.00 per day for a $325 donation. If families are inspired to contribute beyond the minimum ask, it is most appreciated. We understand the requested minimum might not be feasible for every family. Please know that a donation of any amount is equally appreciated. 


Your children’s memories of Senior year will last a lifetime, but the moments will be fleeting. We’re here to amplify those moments. Click below to make your contribution.

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