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The VSSA parent volunteers work closely with administrators, faculty, and staff to benefit all students and to build a sense of community among our families. As a service organization, we support the non-academic activities of the School with a myriad of committees. There are many ways you can volunteer. Although some of the VSSA-sponsored events and services produce revenue, the VSSA’s primary purpose is “friend raising” and “fun raising.” We direct any monies raised back to VSSA-sponsored events and activities to support our students, faculty, and parents.

Your VSSA dues fund three primary activities, with an emphasis on providing value-added services to:

  1. Create the best experience possible for our students on a daily basis.

  2. Appreciate our faculty and staff and provide support services throughout the year for various activities and events, which include a monthly brunch and year-end luncheons for all faculty and staff.

  3. Support activities that build a strong sense of community among our parent body.


Being active in the VSSA is a wonderful way to meet new parents and make wonderful memories. Our success depends on parents, and we all benefit from the dedication of our volunteers!

Jennifer Halpern - VSSA President Primary & Lower School

Diana Putzer - VSSA President Middle & Upper School

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